Don’t Be a Star. Be a Galaxy.

Tap the wisdom of swarms through social network analysis.

Find trends by finding the trendsetters in online social media.


We help you unleash the power of your online social networks

Measure and increase the power of your online social networks inside and outside the firm with our dynamic semantic social network analysis software tools

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We help you improve your communication to get better collaboration, which will lead to more innovation

We measure your communication (e-mail, phone, calendar, etc) to help you achieve superior innovation, collaboration, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and compliance.

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We help you measure authority, influence and power of your leaders

Our tools and methods will trackn authority, influence and power of your leaders, your brand, and your products through their presence in online social media (Twitter, Blogs, Wikipedia, Facebook Wall).

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Our Condor tools and our coolfarming and coolhunting solutions are based on over 15 years of research at MIT, Dartmouth, University of Cologne, and University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland.

Check out our research results documented in over 140 academic papers at our research website.

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Swarm Leadership and the Collective Mind: Using Collaborative Innovation Networks to Build a Better Business

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Sociometrics and Human Relationships: Analyzing Social Networks to Manage Brands, Predict Trends, and Improve Organizational Performance

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Cool farming: Turn Your Great Idea into the Next Big Thing

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Cool Hunting: Chasing Down the Next Big Thing

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Swarm Creativity: Competitive Advantage through Collaborative Innovation Networks

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Our Approach

The “secret sauce” of our approach are the “six honest signals of collaboration”. They are built into Condor, and are:

They are the result of 15 years of research. They have high predictive power to identify hidden leaders, creatives, (dis)satisfied employees, but also people showing criminal energy. On online social media they will identify the most emotional brands, influential thoughtleaders, and popular products. They are the foundation of our solutions. They are described in detail in the two books “Swarm Leadership” and “Sociometrics”.

Meet the Galaxyadvisors Team

  • Joao Marcos De Oliveira

    Software Architecture and Consulting

    João Marcos De Oliveira is a member of the Condor core development team at Galaxyadvisors which he joined after working with Peter as an intern at MIT. He holds a diploma in Computational Engineering from the Federal University of Juiz de Fora in Brazil. His main expertise is in natural language processing, and Web front end development.

  • Kai Fischbach

    Chief Scientist

    Kai Fischbach is a Professor in Information Systems and Social Networks at University of Bamberg (Germany). He was a Research Assistant at the Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management (Germany) where he received his Ph.D. Prior to his appointment in Bamberg, he was Assistant Professor at the University of Cologne.

  • Andrea Fronzetti Colladon

    Data Science and Management Consulting

    Andrea Fronzetti Colladon is a Research Fellow and an Adjunct Professor of Engineering Economics at the University of Rome Tor Vergata; he cooperates on research projects carried out at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, where he was a visiting scholar. His research interests include social network and semantic analysis, innovation management and organizational communication. He also works as a management consultant and business coach. He joined Galaxy Advisors in 2014

  • Peter A. Gloor

    Chief Creative Officer and Founder

    Peter Gloor founded Galaxyadvisors based on his ongoing work as a Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. He is also Honorary Professor at University of Cologne, Distinguished Visiting Professor at Pontifica Universidad Cattolica in Santiago de Chile, and Honorary Professor at Jilin University, Changchun, China. Earlier he was a Partner with Deloitte and PwC, a manager at UBS, and a Post-Doc at MIT. He has a PhD in computer science from University of Zurich.

  • Julia Gluesing

    Organizational Anthropologist

    Julia Gluesing is a business and organizational anthropologist with more than 30 years of experience in industry and academia focusing on global leadership development, managing global teams, managing change, innovating across cultures and cross-cultural communication and training. Julia is a part-time faculty member in the Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Wayne State University teaching in the Global Executive Track Ph.D. Program, for which she was a founder and co-director.

  • Marton Makai

    Chief Software Architect

    Márton Makai leads the development of Galaxyadvisors' flagship product Condor. His main expertise is in social network visualization and graph algorithms. Earlier he worked at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland and as a software engineer at Google. He holds a PhD in applied mathematics from Eötvös University, Budapest.

  • Ken Riopelle

    Chief Coolfarming Officer

    Ken Riopelle is a Research Professor at Wayne State University in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering, Detroit Michigan. His career spans thirty plus years in automotive consulting and has specialized in the diffusion of innovations in globally networked organizations. He was the Director of Research for Sandy Corporation.

  • Tejasvita Saran

    Chief Executive Officer, India

    Tejasvita Saran leads Galaxyadvisors' activities in India. Before joining Galaxyadvisors, she was heading technology for Genpact Research and Media Services and Global Product Manager for IRI – BCI Europe. She joined IRI from Accenture Marketing Sciences where she managed portfolio products in marketing analytics and media audits. She holds a specialization degree in Business Analytics and Intelligence from IIM, Bangalore.

  • Detlef Schoder

    Chair of Scientific Advisory Board

    Detlef Schoder is Professor and chairs the Department of Information Systems and Information Management and is director of the Institute for Broadcasting Economics at the University of Cologne, Germany. He was reviewer to the German Parliament’s Lower House for e-Commerce issues and is consultant to the European Commission.

  • MPZ

    Matthäus P. Zylka

    Full Stack Development, IT Infrastructure, Research & Consulting

    Matthäus Zylka is a member of the galaxyadvisors core development team and a researcher at the Department of Information Systems and Social Networks, University of Bamberg (Germany). His research interests include social network analysis and HR specific topics like employee turnover, retention and onboarding. He joined galaxyadvisors in 2018.